^M Addiction Recovery – Jim Reavis, LCSW


Evaluation – A Useful Tool for Medical Health Care

  • Are you confused about whether you need help?
  • Do you question your own judgment?
  • Are you concerned about a therapist being objective?
  • Are you a family member who really doesn’t know what to do?
  • Are you a therapist who needs an objective evaluation?
  • Do you realize you need help but aren’t certain what type of help or where to go?
  • Do you love someone who might get an evaluation as the first step to getting help?

Medical health care requires skilled evaluation for people who are searching for answers to questions regarding addiction. The evaluation consists of 2 individual meetings with the person needing evaluation and one joint appointment with a significant person in their life that has direct knowledge of the situation.
The results of the evaluation can be written, verbal, or both.