^M Alcohol Problems – Jim Reavis, LCSW

Alcohol Problems

For many, drinking alcohol seems like the solution, not the problem.

Maybe there comes the time when the solution becomes the problem.

When that time comes, most people need help….not to stop….but to stay stopped.

And staying stopped, the time to address all the reasons why it became a problem.

Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to help with alcohol problems. I’m able to help with alcohol related problems as well. I can help you or your family members sort through the confusion and develop a workable plan to deal effectively with these problems. You will experience a freedom and relief that is hard to describe.

Professional Experience With Recovery

  • Staff member in a residential drug addiction rehab
  • Counselor in a hospital-based inpatient chemical dependency unit
  • Trainer with public utility companies on alcohol problems and drug addiction
  • Rehabilitation Counselor with injured workers having addiction problems
  • Guest Lecturer in numerous rehab programs
  • National Basketball Association Recovery Specialist
  • Private Counselor and Therapist with specialty in addictions

I encourage you to take the self test. It will give you an idea whether counseling might be needed. If you are a family member who thinks someone you love may need help with alcohol problems, take the self test to see if you therapy might help you.