^M Drug Addiction – Jim Reavis, LCSW

Drug Addiction

The cost of drug addiction to American families is beyond our imagination.
Our mothers and fathers, our sons and daughters, our children……..
The suffering goes on every day.
Cocaine? Methamphetamines? Marijuana? Vicodin? Ritalin? Xanax? Oxycontin?

Drug addiction help is available. Maybe you’ve been to rehab. Maybe you use too many pain killers. Maybe you don’t consider it addiction if it is prescribed by a doctor.

Effective drug addiction treatment is done with a team of professionals. If you began counseling with me, I help you get the appropriate level of care. It might be as simple as meeting with me weekly. It might be as radical as inpatient treatment.
The point is to get well and develop whatever support you need to do that.
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