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Self Tests

In order to take the self assessment, simply click on and complete. Scoring is at the end of each test. You will need to download and print the PDF file.

Disclaimer and View of Psychological Self Tests
These self test quizzes are intended to be educational and increase your awareness of your own behavior. They are not by themselves for diagnosing any type of health or mental health condition.
These self tests at Portland-counseling.net are not to be understood as providing either mental health diagnosis or recommendations. By taking these self tests, one might go further into the topic with a qualified mental health professional or simply reflect more on the matter. What any individual chooses to do with the results of a given test is a matter for that person and should never be dictated by the test itself.

Alcohol Screening Page 1

Alcohol Screening Page 2

Alcohol Screen Scoring

Codependency/Family Page 1

Codependency/Family Page 2

Drug Addiction Screening

Sex Addiction Screening