^M Sexual Addiction – Jim Reavis, LCSW

Sexual Addiction

There are as many forms of sexual addiction are as there are people.
How do you know if you have a problem?

Any form of compulsive sexual behavior or thinking has far reaching consequences. This problem has unseen effects upon ones time, money, energy, work, and most important, relationships. While each addiction has shame associated with it, this is one that carries painful humiliation. I coordinate my work as a therapist with other professionals in Portland. I refer to a 12 Step Program called Sexaholics Anonymous. It is a powerful self help group that provides acceptance, direction, and unbelievable support. I only counsel men in this area but the recovery works for women as well. If you’ve wondered about whether your sexuality is a problem, why not take the self test on this webpage and if you qualify, call me to schedule an evaluation. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know more about the hows and whys?